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Countdown to the year 2000

American Mars Pathfinder makes a successful landing on Mars, July 4, 1997, setting new standards for space exploration. The Cyprus problem still remains unsolved.



Dear fellow IRC user and dear visitor,

Starting in early 1996, we, ZorbaTG and COCO69 decided to put together a presence on the Internet to hold a picture gallery with the photographs and some information of users of the channel #cyprus, on the Undernet. The IRC gave us

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something so important -each other as we met throught the net, so we thought it was only fair if we could give something back. We devote these pages to the  first users of IRC in Cyprus, who will remain in history as pioneers in Cyprus, in an exciting and fascinating new technology, that brings people together, surely NOT turning them into “robots”. Enjoy your stay in our site, and have fun :)

ZorbaTG & COCO69

mIRC. What is it? What is IRC? Click here to find out and download the software. #cyprus channels are in Undernet.

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